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Wildlife talks

Wildlife talks are happening through out the weekend.

No need to book. Come along and hear about our native animals.

The presenters aim to honour the schedule but can be pressed as the care load increases in spring with new borns. 

These carers are extremely busy Coordinators of the species, they have dedicated their time to the talks, however please be aware that wildlife emergencies may lead to unavoidable cancellation, with deepest regrets.

Wildlife Rescue
South Coast

​Wildlife Rescue South Coast operates from south of Wollongong out to the Southern Highlands and down the  to the Victorian Border 24 hours a day responding to over ten thousand rescue calls annually. Throughout the days of the exhibition carers will speak about their work, the animals and what you can do to help them. 


Birds in Backyards

11 am Sunday, 2nd October, Berry School Of Arts  1hour

Want to learn about the birds that visit your property? 

Want to hear about the secret life of some of our small birds?

Want to find out how to tell male and female birds apart when you think they both look the same?

Yolande Cozijn from Birdlife Shoalhaven will be talking about the birds we are most likely to see in our gardens. Yolande has had a lifelong passion for Australian birds and native gardens. As the publicity officer for Birdlife Shoalhaven she is utilising her 30 years’ experience leading sales and marketing teams to now inform and educate community groups about the local birds in our area and how we can make our gardens a safe haven for birds and wildlife.

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