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Meditation for Wildlife

Bring your love for wildlife into meditation and connect with the natural world on the inner plane where we will do some healing with the wildlife.

All donations go to Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

About the Meditation

Through meditation we will work with the healing power of the elements to bring restorative energy to the wildlife. On the inner plane powerful healing can occur. The meditation will bring peace to grief, sadness and loss; calmness to bewilderment and stress. This meditation will strengthen your intuitive awareness of nature.

About Colleen Langan


Colleen Langan has been a meditation, spiritual teacher, and energy healer since 2012 after a lifetime of spiritual practice of yoga, meditation, qi gong and the transformational teachings of Shakti Durga.  She guides you through relaxation, mindfulness, and breathing into deep connection with mother nature, the elements, and universal light and energy. Her meditations are filled with the shakti or energy of healing power. With your soul lightened you can soar into peaceful, blissful realms.

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