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Kids with Art~titude

Local Kids With ARTitude arts educator Kerrina Swords will be facilitating two workshops for children 5-12 years during the festival.

All proceeds go to Wildlife Rescue South Coast.

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Workshop 1. - 'The Amazing Journey"   

Friday 30th Sept.  2 - 3.30pm

Cost $10

Drama, music appreciation and drawing. 

Children go on an imagined journey through a fantasy forest, making amazing discoveries along the way. Draw some of the sights you discovered during the journey leaving the best discovery until last. Materials: coloured ink, pencil, various grades of pencils and more! 



Workshop 2.- 'Very Hungry Plants'

Saturday 1st Oct.  10 -11.30 am

Cost $10 

‘Very Hungry Plants’ Design and make a super dooper, never seen before very hungry plant. A plant that has an appetite. Don’t worry. It won’t eat you but it certainly enjoys eating tasty insects. Observe images of carnivores plants then use your imagination to design your own unique carnivorous plant. Materials: coffee filters, wool, pipe cleaners, paper, cellophane, crayons, ink and more! 

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